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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  December 31, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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times square where the ball is -- has dropped on the east coast. here in central iowa extra police officers will be in downtown des moines this new year's eve. this, just one month after a man was shot to death in the court avenue entertainment district. kcci's kim st. onge reports on how local businesses are preparing for the big crowds. >> several bar owners along court avenue tell me they hired extra security, hoping that helps the hundreds of people expected to be here tonight ring in the new year safely. >> we're hoping that we're just gonna pack the house. >> it's one of the few times a year when a weeknight crowd on court avenue bars will likely outnumber any weekend. >> we've got 2 djs, we have 3 different bars. >> by 7:00 p.m., people were already filing into the new bar on the block, american outlaws. manager robyn owen says there have been no issues since opening in october, but knows new year's eve crowds can get rowdy. >> we hire at least three extra, some different floor people just to keep an eye on things.
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just to make sure everything is going smoothly. >> des moines police are also adding officers to the downtown district during peak hours, around 2:00 a.m. that area sparked new security concerns over a lack of city-funded surveillance cameras. it doesn't make me think twice. it's life. it happens. >> partiers i talked to say, they feel safe with the current police presence. >> i think it's definitely a concern to look at. you know it's new year's eve. you can never be too safe, so you know you just gotta watch out and just look out for everybody. i think des moines is a safe place. >> downtown community alliance says its been brainstorming new options for improving downtown security, including surveillance cameras. stacey: there were 21 homicides
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that's the first time the city has gone over 20 cents 1995. police say their records date back to that year there were 27 1978. homicides in the city. this year in all but one of the cases, the victim and the killer knew each other. >> we do not have any type of a homicide crime spree going on it's just these personal , releationships that got so volitile that at one point in time they resulted in a homicide. stacey: des moines police tell kcci all 21 homicide cases have been closed, except for the most recent one that happened over the weekend. meantime, the number of people killed on iowa roadways dropped in 2015. 316 people died in traffic accidents on iowa roads. that's down 5 fatalities from last year. back in 2010, 390 people died on iowa roads. tonight, des moines police are looking for the suspect in an afternoon shooting. the scene, the 1300 block of east 14th street. a male teenager was found shot in the chest and was taken to a metro hospital.
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officers say they responded to the same area earlier this month on a drive-by shooting. the teenager's name has not been released. a live look outside tonight from one of our dot traffic cameras. a mostly clear night across central iowa. checking in with kurtis tonight, what can we expect as we ring in the new year? kurtis: it will be chilly. wind chill could be low. we will keep rolling with clouds as the night goes along. tomorrow morning, if you're getting up early. by noon it will be 26. it will be a sunny, first day of the year for many parts of the state. we will have 20's as we go north. it will be a fairly pleasant day . sunshine continues into the weekend.
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of sunshine. and on sunday, we will have clouds late and a high of 28. stacey: a player well known to iowa cyclone fans is facing tcu quarterback trevone boykin is accused of assaulting a police officer. san antonio police say boykin was fighting with employees at a bar. when officers responded, police say he tried to punch an officer. cyclone fans remember boykin talking to cyclone kid captain abby faber when tcu came to ames back in october. a massive breach of voter information. security researchers have discovered a massive data file file containing personal information on 191 million voters left unsecured online. the information includes voters' names, addresses, political affiliations and voting history since the year 2000. this affects nearly everyone registered to vote in the united states. >> you are at risk in terms of
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i don't think proper security protocols are in place and i think really everybody has a role in it. rose: -- stacey: it's not clear who built the database, but typically voter information must be obtained from each state. the new york times reports that as of wednesday night, the database was no longer accessible online. in commitment 2016 news tonight, two top aides have stepped down from ben carson's campaign. campaign manager barry bennett and communications director doug watts stepped down this morning. bennett says he left because of mounting frustration that carson was listening more to his longtime business manager, armstrong williams, and not the advice of his paid campaign staff. feeling the bern, in the new year. hundreds of bernie sanders supporters started the party early with the man himself. kcci's vanessa peng shows us how hundreds of bernie sanders
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>> hundreds of people rang in the new year with bernie sanders. >> i love seeing him on new year's eve, there's no where else i would rather be. >> the democratic presidential hopeful talked about his goals for the new year especially with the iowa caucuses just about a month away. >> right here in iowa and a week later going to new hampshire and then to nevada and then to south carolina. we have an opportunity together to say that the united states government has got to represent all of us and not just a handful of billionaries. >> iowans we spoke to say as they reflect on the new year they are feeling the bern. >> it is pretty intense. it is exciting. he is here in iowa and i think that people are jealous. >> it shows that our country is renewing this year and it shows that we can all come together
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>> it's going to be a new beginning in 16 and we know it if everybody pulls together , votes, you are in. >> it's really like a nice kick off to the new year and really like a way to prove that 2016 is going to be the best year yet. >> enough is enough. >> begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly enough is thank you. stacey: we are just hours away from a hawkeye rose bowl. and we're counting down to kick our team coverage continues tonight, live from pasadena . that's where we find steve karlin with an inside look at some iowans who are helping make the historic rose parade happen. >> you still my line, but i will say it again. here is something you need to know before you sit down tomorrow morning for the beautiful tournament of roses parade. some iowans played a big part in putting together some of the fabulous-looking floats you're
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>> flowers are what's power -- flowers are what power these floats in pasadena. these are painstakingly put together. >> when you look at it on television come easy them go by and you think, how beautiful. you have no idea what went into the flow. >> these residents of jefferson do. >> tiny petals and you glue each one on individually. >> they are part of a church group that have done this as a service project every year for the past 13 years. >> everybody pays their own way. it is want here. >> they are called the pedal pushers and their project this year is this flow.
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over the four days they are wherever they can. >> second floats in a row, a lot time into this one. >> the leaves and flower petals can be downright -- >> my joy is to see people see them for the first time. >> giving it a try. >> ok, as you watch on tv and you see the lutheran floats, pay attention to this flower. >> yes, because it is the only one you will notice out of the 15,000 that cover this fabulous work of art. >> go hawks. in the days after the parade this group is busy. they will go to skid row and
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products they collected in iowa. and we have a couple of good football teams out here. they are pretty competitive, pretty evenly matched. >> these two teams are not mere images -- mirror images be about what you will see when these two go head-to-head, they are both hard-nosed. this will be a smash-mouthed game. this is going to be a showdown. they will be trying to downplay a little bit the similarities between the two. >> any similarities would be a complement to our football team, but what you are looking at is to teams who have competed extremely hard. they are a well coached football team, they have a lot of good
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stresses me is they play with that teamwork. they are well coached. i am not saying that we are not. but that is what i see. >> i can tell you that a lot of people will say that they are pretty well coached and they will have almost a home advantage. many people are making the trip out here. they have been here all week. this is just a little sampling of what iowa fans will see tomorrow. >> amazing how many people have come out to look at this stadium. a big game tomorrow. in another big thing, this battleship. we have been telling you all week about how hawkeye fans are invading los angeles. today we saw that on the biggest scale. check out the crowd at the uss iowa today. officials tell us it was the biggest one day crowd there ever.
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line for 4 hours to get in. scott reister shows us all of the excitement coming up a little later on in sports. that's it from the rose bowl stadium, right now. we are waiting for tomorrow. just about 15 hours away from kick-off. stacey: thank you. coverage has been so much fun to watch. our special coverage from the rose bowl continues tomorrow. join us for a hawkeye rose bowl live from pasadena right before the big game. it starts at 2:00 on kcci. also tonight the deadly fire in , dubai. the chaotic scene inside this hotel. and what helped stop the fire from spreading. plus flood relief.
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who they hope to help. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin and sports director andy garman. ,stacey: right now, members of the iowa national guard will be going to missouri to help with flood relief. 45 soldiers will help with purification and transport of more than 20,000 missouri residents are without potable water because of the flooding.
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ready to do their job in missouri and like i said before , it is incredibly gratifying to help the people of missouri in a time when they really need it. stacey: the guard members will come from camp dodge, oelwein and cedar rapids. in east central missouri. a luxury hotel caught fire in dubai just ahead of the celebration. information for us. >> massive flames engulfed the address hotel, a luxury highrise in downtown dubai in the united arab emirates. people inside said it was chaos. >> the heat was so intense outside, it was unbelievable. and just people started to panic, crushing each other trying to go downstairs and jumping over railings. i couldn't believe how fast it actually happened. >> the 63 story hotel and
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world's tallest skyscraper, the burj khalifa, where tens of thousands gathered for a new year's fireworks display. >> i used to live on the 32nd floor. and i've spent new year's eve at the address. it's really the place to be. >> the fire broke out two hours before midnight. officials rushed to evacuate the skyscraper as flames ripped through the building, consuming at least 20 floors in a matter of minutes. didn't sound right away. >> it was slightly worrying that the alarm went off essentially when the building was properly on fire. building as firefighters raced to contain the blaze. >> crowds could hear several explosions. >> i just heard a big bang. hang on. was it the fireworks? >> officials say the hotel's sprinklers and internal fire-fighting systems helped to prevent the spread of the flames. despite the fire, dubai went ahead with its new year's eve celebration at midnight. chris martinez, cbs news. stacey: authorities are still trying to pinpoint the cause of the fire. the u.s. consulate general in dubai is suggesting that us citizens avoid the area. checking back in with kurtis
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the new year could start out a little cold. kurtis: cold weather out there. it is soon to be the first. we have some clouds rotating income of a this is a typical night for this time of year. wind chill is at nine. humidity is at 70%. it feels like seven above in ames, five above in waterloo. at times it will go below zero. especially later tonight if you are staying out late. wind chill is around three at 11:00. midnight, the wind chill will be around one. it could be below zero early in the morning. the sun will rise at 7:41 a.m. with a system off to the northeast, this is spreading a ban of clouds.
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and then behind that, clear skies. this is back to montana. tomorrow. warmer weather in the west. 40's in south dakota. travel should be fine. it is 20's from minneapolis to chicago. we could see some snow flurries back toward kansas city. pasadena having a nice day. tomorrow, the game will see sunny skies. northeast wind at 5-10 miles per hour. we will see this role on through. each day, occasionally some cloud cover. that will be over northeastern iowa. for tonight, a few clouds rotating through. by 4:00 a.m., over the northeastern part of the state.
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and then it looks like nothing but sunshine heading into the weekend. on saturday, sunshine across most of the midwest. and if you more clouds on sunday. temperatures tonight, eventually dipping to 11 degrees. wind chill will make a below zero. -- it below zero good we have some gusty wind in northern iowa. sunshine tomorrow. for the forecast, saturday will see 30's. clouds very late on sunday. in the week. precipitation.
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the early new years celebrations >> 3,2,1, happy new year. stacey: new year's came about 12 hours early for families at the science center of iowa. check this out. it was the annual balloon drop which took place at noon today. in addition to the hundreds of balloons falling from the
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kids. another family-friendly event, imagineve at hyvee hall. the new year's celebration for kids and families went until 8:00 tonight. the event concluded also with a balloon and confetti drop. and we have sports, there is a countdown. >> the final countdown.
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that is coming up in >> this is kcci sports. >> if you are a hawkeye fan, you better get to bed early. they will be taking on stanford tomorrow in the rose bowl. andy garman and scott reister are in california and join us live with more guys. >> these people are not going to bed early. they are getting ready for the game. [cheering] >> they have good reason to cheer, they got here on monday,
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this is a very small fraction of the black and gold who came here this week. >> the uss iowa was an incredible site earlier today, the biggest crowd they have ever had. they were starting the new year with a bang. [boom] >> the uss iowa turned into a party base on friday, a hot iparty -- hawkeye party. >> where you from? >> phoenix. >> jim says there has never been a crowd like this, 20,000 hawkeye fans coming through. >> you guys realize your heads our next to the camera. >> we are good.
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>> this is like a spiral, right? >> and cheering on iowa. >> let's go hawks. >> it was the biggest ship of its era and today the biggest party they have ever had. what a sight. people were waiting for hours to get on that boat. >> on that ship. now our focus is on the game with the hog-tied and cardinals tomorrow. it will be an interesting matchup. there'll be a couple of tough defenses. they have their hands full getting ready for a team that has faced a lot of pac-12 opponents. stanford will be trying to find a way through the hot -- hawkeye
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>> we know this. they have a solid defense. all the linebackers, we are looking for a spot to attack because that is where we struggle. >> they have a guy that takes the play. it is all over the field. like i said, this will be a physical and hard-fought game. >> i will tell you, you guys can have times square and ball dropping, we are going to party in the rv with some hawkeye fans getting ready for tomorrow. we will send it back to you. [cheering] >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. of course, here is a look at the clemson game.
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and right now, alabama battling michigan state and they hold the lead. the cyclones had one final tuneup last night before the grind of the big 12, and boy did they deliver. isu topped coppin state 104-84 last night. the clones were heavily favored so they used this as an opportunity to work on the little things. the main focus, tightening up that defense heading into the big 12 opener against oklahoma. >> i know it will be a rough game down there. we are trying to put emphasis on defense because playing previous years, they get the ball out fast. so i think going into saturday
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>> they will take kurtis: it is crisp out there. temperatures in the 30's tomorrow. stacey: thank you for joining us.
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